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DJ Step1 is a multi-genre DJ and turntablist based in San Francisco and Los Angeles


From the moment DJ Step1 first touched a turntable in 2004, she knew she had found her calling. Within a year, Step1 was producing mixes and scratch tracks that many veteran DJs couldn’t match.

Step1’s talent was recognized in 2005 when she won a mixtape contest hosted by KDAY, a popular radio station in LA. Step1 beat hundreds of other contestants for the grand prize: a trip to France.

After the contest win, Step1 became a fixture in the LA scene. She's performed at a wide variety of gigs: clubs, bars, restaurants, shows, concerts, private parties and corporate events.

Step1 is known for her technical skills, and for rocking parties. Her broad-ranging musical interests let her tailor sets to specific audiences, seamlessly weaving together multiple genres.

While living in LA, Step1 met DJ Shortee, and they began to collaborate. In 2007, the pair made history when they released Bikini Wax, the first battle record ever produced by female DJs.

The record received much critical acclaim from the DJ community. Since its release, Bikini Wax has been distributed worldwide to record stores, and it has been re-issued twice.

Post-Bikini Wax, Step1 kept the momentum going. Over the past few years she has released several mixes and exhibited her skills at the NAMM Show alongside the world's best turntablists.

Step1 has also produced scratch choruses for several music artists and performed as the DJ for two bands. She has continued to rock parties and shows on both the West and East coast.

In 2012, Step1 relocated from LA to San Francisco and now splits her time between the two cities, playing gigs in both LA and the Bay. Follow DJ Step1 on social media for her current schedule.





Mixes and Vinyl

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Door into Summer

House, Indie, Remixes

Transport yourself to the sun-soaked days of summer with this upbeat, funky set of house and indie tracks. Many are classic R&B, soul and hip-hop tracks reimagined and remixed, a perfect balance of old and new.

Back in the Day

Old School Funk Hip-Hop

Back in the Day is Step1's tribute to the pioneers of hip-hop and rap's Golden Era. Warning: While listening to this mix of hype old school hip-hop, funk, and freestyle jams, you may experience a strong urge to breakdance or roller skate.

Step1 Anthem

Scratch Intro

Step1 flexes her scratch skills on this track, dropping intricate cuts and funky samples over classic hip-hop beats. One listen and you'll find yourself agreeing with KRS-ONE: "This DJ, she gets down."

Bikini Wax

Battle Record / DJ Tool

Step1 and Shortee made history with Bikini Wax, the first battle record ever produced by female DJs. A multipurpose battle weapon, this tool has instrumentals, disses, samples, skipless sounds, locked grooves, and a scratch sentence.



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